The O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC) Ad Hoc Fly Quiet Committee met today and voted to recommend a second Fly Quiet Runway Rotation Test. The original test took place from July – December 2016. The proposed Fly Quiet Runway Rotation Test 2 now moves to the full ONCC membership for approval at its March meeting. If approved, the second test could start as early as this spring.

  • Members approved membership for the Village of Wayne, Illinois. The Village of Wayne is located in the counties of Kane and DuPage, Illinois and has a population of 2,431 residents (U.S.Census - 2010).

  • Members received a presentation of the October and November 2016 ANMS Reports.

The office of Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios has mailed assessment reduction notices to taxpayers in Norwood Park Township, as well as parts of Maine, Leyden and Jefferson Townships due to the impact of airport noise on home values. The reductions in assessed value for Tax Year 2016 will be reflected on tax bills issued in 2017. This comes as the result of a two-year evaluation on airport noise and property values, ordered by Assessor Berrios in 2014.

The Ad Hoc Fly Quiet Committee met on November 30. The committee reviewed data from the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) regarding the first 12 weeks of the Fly Quiet Runway Rotation Test.

The committee also reviewed the Regulatory Process as established by the FAA regarding the test, noting that the test was permissible under FAA Order 1050.1F, Paragraph 5-6.5n which states:

1) the test does not exceed more than 6 months;
2) the test was requested by the City in response to mitigating noise concerns and
3) the test data collected will be used to assess the operational and noise impacts of the test.

The Ad Hoc Fly Quiet Committee will reconvene on Wednesday, Feb. 8 2017. At that time, CDA will present data and analysis including survey results on the entire duration of the 25 week Fly Quiet Runway Rotation Test.

Meeting materials are below. More details can be found at

Fly Quiet Runway Rotation Test - Weeks 1 - 12 Summary

Fly Quiet Report - Weeks 1 - 20

Rotation Test Approval Document