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The O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission Fly Quiet Ad Hoc Committee met on November 16, 2015. 

The committee received a presentation from Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) consultants Landrum & Brown regarding the Fly Quiet program. The presentation reviewed operational data as well as departure procedures. The committee was presented with three Fly Quiet Scenarios for Evening, Overnight and Morning and alternatives within each operational period.


As CDA Commissioner Ginger Evans stated in a letter to Ad Hoc Committee Chair Annunzio in advance of the meeting, the goal of the committee is to “provide relief for the most impacted residents as soon as possible.” The options proposed by the CDA were the “most feasible for implementation by the FAA and pilots.” She went on to say that whatever initial recommendations were made, they were not set in stone and she committed to “monitoring, refining and improving operations to improve noise impacts.”

CDA Presentation        FAiR Presentation