The Ad Hoc Fly Quiet Committee met on Tuesday, June 14 for an update briefing from the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) regarding the six-month Runway Rotation Program (RRP)scheduled for O'Hare International Airport in early July.

The CDA reported that they are working closely with the FAA to implement the plan as early as possible this summer. The goal of CDA is to balance airfield construction, scheduled for both the north and south airfields, with the RRP schedule. Construction will impact the rotation schedule and an additional alternate runway may have to be in place.

The committee reviewed the Fly Quiet II Adherence Metrics designed to measure the test, which included operational percentages, actual noise levels and citizen feedback. CDA will post the start and end time of Fly Quiet and the average duration of time for each weekly period on a designated website.

Fly Quiet Rotation Test Adherence Metrics