The office of Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios has mailed assessment reduction notices to taxpayers in Norwood Park Township, as well as parts of Maine, Leyden and Jefferson Townships due to the impact of airport noise on home values. The reductions in assessed value for Tax Year 2016 will be reflected on tax bills issued in 2017. This comes as the result of a two-year evaluation on airport noise and property values, ordered by Assessor Berrios in 2014.

Maps of Townships:

Please note that reductions were not decided based on quality-of-life issues. CCAO uses several factors and sale prices in each neighborhood and related areas to measure market trends and behavior. As the Notice Letter and Media Release detail, the Assessor’s Office was able to find effects of airport noise on sale prices, and that was used to reach our conclusions. Reductions were either 4% or 5% off Assessed Value.

For more information, contact the Cook County Assessor's Office, 312.443.7550 or