The Ad Hoc Fly Quiet Committee met on April 25, 2017.

Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) staff provided a presentation on Fly Quiet Runway Rotation Test 2 which will begin the evening of Sunday, April 30. The duration of the test is 12 weeks. The rotation schedule features 6 diagonal and 6 parallel configurations and 6 east flow and 6 west flow configurations in order to balance the impact of nighttime noise. 

CDA staff notified the committee of 2 modifications to the original schedule during the weeks of May 14 and June 25 due to scheduled construction on the airfield.

The committee made some revisions to the survey tool used in Test 1 and a modified survey will be posted online so residents can provide feedback on the test. The survey will be available here once the test begins on Sunday.

CDA staff also presented a proposal for Fly Quiet Runway Rotation Test 3. The key difference for Test 3 is the exclusion of Runway 15/33 from the schedule which is expected to be decommissioned in Spring 2018.
Staff provided 2 options for Test 3:

  • Option A removes one of the diagonal configurations and replaces it with a hybrid, utilizing Runway 10L for arrivals and Runway 22L for departures in the primary configuration and Runway 28R for arrivals and 22L for departures in the secondary configuration. The second change of Option A is the removal of the mixed use of Runway 10L/28R, where both arrivals and departures are occurring on the same runway. This configuration is not favored by the FAA and Air Traffic control due to operations issues and logistics. Option A features an 8–week rotation schedule.

  • Option B replaces the hybrid runway option and simply repeats the diagonal configuration in alternating weeks, returning to the alternating diagonal/parallel model used in Tests 1 and 2.

CDA staff plans to conduct an environmental impact study and perform modeling in the Fall and Winter of 2017 in order to develop an Interim Fly Quiet program which could be in effect from Spring 2018 (when 15/33 is decommissioned) until Runway 9C is commissioned (anticipated Fall 2020). The Test 3 Rotation could potentially be used as a model for an Interim Fly Quiet program from Spring 2018 - Fall 2020.

The Ad Hoc Fly Quiet Committee will discuss Fly Quiet Runway Rotation Test 3 at their next meeting on May 19 (with an additional meeting tentatively scheduled for May 25 if necessary). If the committee approves moving forward with Test 3, the matter would then move on to the full membership at the ONCC Meeting on June 2.

More information about the Fly Quiet Test can be found at

Test 2 and 3 configurations and schedules can be viewed here.