At the Ad Hoc Fly Quiet Committee meeting on May 19, the committee reviewed and discussed a proposal to conduct a third Fly Quiet Runway Rotation Test.

Test 3 incorporates 5 runways: 4L/22R, 22L/9R, 10L/28R, 10C/28C and 22L/4R. Test 3 does not include runway 15/33 which is slated to be decommissioned in Spring 2018. One of the reasons provided to conduct a Test 3 was for residents to experience the interim conditions without runway 15/33 so CDA could develop an Interim Fly Quiet Program that would be in place once the runway closes.

CDA staff presented two options for Test 3 - Option A and Option B. Option A incorporated a hybrid option of one parallel and one diagonal runway in one set of rotations and then alternated parallel, diagonal, parallel in the following weeks. Option B alternated parallel and diagonal runway rotations every other week.

The Committee voted in favor of implementing Option B for a third Runway Rotation Test. The proposal now moves on to the full ONCC membership meeting for a vote on Friday, June 2. The meeting will be held at 8:00 am at Café la Cave, 2777 S. Mannheim Road, Des Plaines, IL.

More information on the proposal, including the proposed runway rotation schedule, can be found here.