42 communities and 19 school districts dedicated to reducing aircraft noise in the communities around O’Hare International Airport since 1996.


The O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission Technical Committee met on Tuesday, May 22 at the Mount Prospect Village Hall. The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) staff updated members on the permanent and portable noise monitors, Fly Quiet 1st Quarter 2018 Report, Fly Quiet Manual revisions, the aircraft noise complaint system, and the Interim Fly Quiet status.

Noise Monitors
CDA staff reported that the Bensenville monitor permit and ComEd have been resolved. The paperwork has been revised and is awaiting approval by the City of Chicago Procurement Department. The three Chicago monitors located in Wards 40, 41 and 39 are still in the planning process. Ward 40 has a site location and they are in the process of confirming the other locations with the respective aldermen’s office.

Long-term portable noise monitors are deployed for 3 month periods. One is currently deployed in Bloomingdale. Site C in Itasca has been replaced by a permanent noise monitor. Site D is deployed to Ward 39.

The March average for long-term portable noise monitors measured 56.6 DNL in Chicago. View Report

Fly Quiet Report—First Quarter 2018

  • The average start time for Fly Quiet Mode (FQM)—10:36 p.m. /The average stop time—5:47 a.m.
  • The average nightly time in FQM—7:11/The average nightly operations in FQM—94
  • Departures—most used nighttime departure runway—28R – 49%
  • Arrivals—most used nighttime arrival runway—27L – 38%
  • Complaints—total number of complaints—73,897 from 29,389 complainants

For complete information, click here.

Fly Quiet Manual
CDA staff engaged in a discussion with the committee on recommended changes needed for the Fly Quiet Manual and how to display information. Recommendations included removing departure procedures for the decommissioned Runway 15/33, relocating the Ground Run-up Enclosure on the location map, update the Airport Layout Diagram page, remove Runway 15/33 on the Land Use page and consolidate the Preferential Runway Use Configuration pages to illustrate Runway 15/33 decommissioning.

Aircraft Noise Complaint System
The City of Chicago IT Department and 311 System staff are ready to work with the CDA to update the complaint system. CDA staff posed questions to the Technical Committee members for their thoughts and remarks:

1. Should CDA continue to allow anonymous complaint calls?

  • Anonymity – Name, specific address, community
  • Can we ask for location and protect residents’ privacy?
  • Are there too many questions on the complaint form?

2. How do we improve customer service?

  • Should we have a response to complaints?

Interim Fly Quiet Report
Amy Hansen, Environmental Specialist for the FAA, reported that the contract for the third-party consultant for the Interim Fly Quiet (IFQ) environmental impact study had been approved. They have begun feeding information into the computer models. She estimates that the process will take approximately one year from April 2018 to complete. The FAA will begin planning workshops and will have more information regarding scheduling to share with the Technical Committee the next time they meet in August.

Once approved, the IFQ will be in effect until the commissioning of Runway 9C/27C in November 2020.

A380 Service to O’Hare
The committee was presented with a footprint of the A380 several years ago when the plane was put into service at other airports. O’Hare International Airport welcomed the arrival of British Airway’s Airbus A380 on May 4, 2018. It is the world’s largest passenger aircraft in operation to Chicago. It was the start of the first regularly scheduled A380 service, now offered daily between Chicago and London. The flight can accommodate 469 passengers in four cabins and two full decks. A new gate to accommodate the Group IV aircraft has been added to Terminal 5.

Tours and Workshops
CDA staff will conduct an Airport 101 Workshop on June 15, 2018 at the administration building at 9:30 a.m. and host an O’Hare Airfield Tour on July 25, 2018. 

The next Technical Committee Meeting is scheduled for August 14, 2018 at the Mount Prospect Village Hall. 

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