The ONCC Fly Quiet Committee met on July 19, 2018.

20180719 ONCC Evans Award 400

ONCC Chairman and Mount Prospect Mayor Arlene Juracek was in attendance to present a proclamation of appreciation to departing Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) Commissioner Ginger Evans. Mayor Juracek congratulated the Commissioner on her success in completion of the parallel runway modernization at O’Hare, as well as in negotiating the O’Hare 21 Terminal Redevelopment Plan. Mayor Juracek stated that she appreciated Commissioner Evans’ efforts to work collaboratively with the Commission to find creative solutions. Juracek thanked Evans for bringing respect and support to the Commission, and for recognizing the important role that noise management plays in the success of the airport.

The Committee then discussed and reviewed its mission statement/objectives/guiding principles. A change was suggested to add the term “noise reduction” to the first two guiding principles. The mission statement/objectives/guiding principles were approved as amended. View Mission Statement/Objectives/Guiding Principles

The Committee discussed the work plan. Fly Quiet Chairman Joe Annunzio said he would work with the Executive Committee and Technical Committee Chair Catherine Dunlap in the coming months to discuss timing of specific items included in the work plan and scheduling of potential joint meetings between the Fly Quiet and Technical Committees. View Proposed Work Plan

CDA Consultant Ryan Anderson of Landrum & Brown gave a presentation of Airport 101. The purpose of this presentation was to lay the foundation for the committee members so all members were coming at the issue from the same basic knowledge point. View Airport 101 Presentation

The next Fly Quiet Committee meeting is scheduled for August 23, 2018 at 9:30 am at the Aviation Administration Building.