ONCC members were invited on a tour of the airfield on July 25, 2018. Members were able to see and learn about many of the construction projects currently taking place as well as receive updates on some of the new projects coming on line, such as the O'Hare 21 Terminal Area Plan (TAP).

The O'Hare 21 TAP is an eight-year $8.5 billion capital program. The plan is expected to increase gate capacity by 25% and modernize existing facilities, will expand terminal and landside capacity to accommodate anticipated demand, featuring better integration of domestic and international terminal operations and will enhance passenger and baggage connectivity. Additionally, the plan aims to reduce airfield congestion and ground delay resulting from lack of aircraft parking positions.

The tour visited:

  • Construction areas on the west side of the airfield, including new taxiways and holding pad
  • Construction site of new runway 9C-27C
  • Sites of the new Terminal 1 satellite concourses
  • Terminal 2, which will be replaced with the new Global Terminal
  • Terminal 5, which will be expanded and become the "budget" carrier terminal (Frontier, Spirit, Delta)
  • New gates recently added at Terminal 3 by American Airlines, the first new gates at O'Hare in 25 years