The ONCC Technical Committee met on August 14, 2018. The following topics were discussed:

Interim Fly Quiet Status Update

A spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) provided an update on the status of the Interim Fly Quiet proposal. Modeling is being conducted with and without rotation. The draft report is expected to be published before the end of the year, and the FAA is currently looking at dates and locations for public workshops. More information on the workshops is expected to be available at the September meeting.

 North Airfield Construction

City consultants presented construction updates on the north airfield effective July 19, 2018 and September 13, 2018. The bulk of the changes involved the renaming of taxiways, extensions of taxiways and new pavement construction on the northwest side of the airfield.

Portable/Permanent/Long Term Noise Monitors Update

The new permanent noise monitor in Bensenville (Site 31) has been completed. The monitor was commissioned August 1. Staff is in the process of briefing the commission regarding the city locations, and meetings are expected soon with the alderman of each of those wards to begin site selection. Portable noise monitors – since the last meeting there have been four new residential deployments and there are two pending requests. Municipal deployments – the most recent deployment was to Bloomingdale for three months. Long-term portable monitors – report for Ward 39 was included in packet. The average DNL on that monitor for the month of June was 59.0. New Monitor Progress

2nd Quarter 2018 Fly Quiet Report

Highlights for 2Q 2018 include: Average start time: 10:53 pm, Average stop time: 5:56 am; average time in Fly Quiet Mode: 6:53; Average nightly operations: 105.
Operations highlights for 2Q 2018: Most used nighttime departure runway: 28R – 32%; Most used nighttime arrival runway: 10C – 31%; 10L night departures increased by 10pp from 1Q 2018 10C night arrivals increased by 10pp from 1Q 2018; 28R night departures decreased by 16pp from 1Q 2018 28R night arrivals decreased 16pp from 1Q 2018; Nighttime operations represent 12% of the overall daily operations. View Report

Fly Quiet Manual

The Committee reviewed changes to the Fly Quiet Manual, mostly regarding the decommissioning of runway 15-33. View Manual

An updated Fly Quiet Fact Sheet was also distributed.

City of Chicago 311

Aviation staff reviewed with the committee several options regarding the noise complaint process. Committee members discussed if complaints should remain anonymous and if CDA should report on anonymous complaints; if the system should allow for Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSIP) inquiries and Portable Monitor requests; if CDA/ONCC should respond to inquiries/complaints and if the CDA/ONCC should use the new system to outreach to residents on specific topics.

Technical Committee Chair Updates

Chairman Cathy Dunlap reported that she contacted congressional staff regarding the FAA Reauthorization Bill currently before Congress. The bill has passed the House and is moving to the Senate. She encouraged members to contact Senators Durbin and Duckworth regarding language in the bill. Chairman Dunlap also reported having attended a planning meeting for the 2019 Aviation Noise Symposium, where the main topics of discussion were Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and Uber-like flying vehicles. 

The next Technical Committee meeting will be September 25, 2018 at the Village of Mount Prospect, 50 S. Emerson St.