The ONCC Executive Committee held their annual Strategic Planning session in August. 

2017-2018 ONCC Overview Highlights - Mayor Juracek reviewed the accomplishments of ONCC and significant events that took place over the past year.

Fly Quiet Committee - Mayor Juracek reported the Fly Quiet Committee met on June 19, 2018 and July 19, 2018. The goal is to have monthly meetings and attendance is mandatory with attendance rule of no more than two consecutive missed meetings.

The School Sound insulation Committee will be exploring whether federal funding is available for previously sound-insulated schools that may need updates due to adverse noise conditions.

Residential Sound Insulation Program - CDA staff provided an update on the odorous windows issue. CDA has worked for eight months with consultants and testing the off-gassing problem of sound insulated windows. The report determined that vinyl on the window screens and secondary vinyl coating on the window itself was causing the odor. The City of Chicago is conducting more testing and has established a program to address 300 plus homes per year.

Technical Committee - Technical Committee Chairman Catherine Dunlap reviewed the committee’s work plan, which included updated standard reports & notices, community outreach activities, member tours, guest speakers, discussion items including legislation and more. CDA staff continues to update the Technical Committee regarding the modernization of Chicago’s 311 System. The Committee recommended several questions to be addressed including the anonymity issue. The system will be designed internally. Ms. Dunlap reported that she attended a planning meeting for the 2019 Aviation Symposium.

 9C/27C Outreach - Mayor Juracek suggested that community outreach and education should begin with CDA taking the lead regarding the impacts of Runway 9C/27C. 

Future Speakers/Discussion – the Committee intends to invite the following individuals and/or organizations to speak at upcoming meetings:

  • Illinois State Toll Highway Authority – regarding western access
  • Illinois legislators
  • FAA Great Lakes Regional Administrator
  • N.O.I.S.E Organization