The Technical Committee met on September 25, 2018. View Meeting Packet/Materials


  • Interim Fly Quiet Update – As part of the IFQ update, Chicago Department of Aviation Deputy Commissioner Frank Grimaldi provided an update on airfield construction schedules. View Presentation

    Mr. Grimaldi reported the following: 
    • Runway 4L/22R is scheduled to be closed for reconstruction from March 1, 2019 – October 31, 2019.
    • Runway 4R/22L is scheduled to be closed at night for scheduled surface maintenance from May 15, 2020 through September 15, 2020.
    • Runway 9R Extension – 2021. The final stage of OMP extends runway 9R to 11,260 feet. The runway is scheduled for complete closure (24/7) from February 1 2021 – December 1 2021.

CDA presented a modified Interim Fly Quiet Timeline. IFQ is expected to be in place when Runway 4L/22 reopens (November 2019) until work begins on Runway 4R/22L begins in March 2019. Then it will go into effect again once Runway 4R/22L surface maintenance is complete in September 2020 until construction on 9R begins in February 2021. O’Hare will operate in Traditional Fly Quiet mode during construction periods.

The committee discussed how this schedule would impact the Interim Fly Quiet plan. 

Amy Hansen of the FAA provided an update on the status of the FAA review of the IFQ. The draft document is expected to be released in early 2019 with 4 public workshops to follow. The comments provided will be contained in the final report and the FAA decision on IFQ will be presented at that time.

  • Updated Fact Sheets - CDA presented updated Noise Monitor fact sheets reflecting the installation of the Bensenville noise monitor, as well as an updated Fly Quiet fact sheet, which incorporated edits discussed at prior meeting, reflecting the decommissioning of Runway 15/33

  • Updates to Fly Quiet Manual - CDA also presented a change to the Fly Quiet Manual, showing Fly Quiet preferential runways, as well as reasons why runways may be closed.

  • Draft 2019 Technical Committee meeting schedule - The Committee received a draft Technical Committee meeting schedule for 2019.

The Technical Committee October meeting has been cancelled – the next ONCC Technical Committee meeting is scheduled for November 13, 2018.