The O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission met on October 5, 2018. View Agenda Packet/Materials

Report of Chicago Department of Aviation
CDA consultants presented the August 2018 ANMS Report. The most used departure runway was 28R – 33%. Most used arrival runway: 27L – 23%. The airport was in West Flow 56% or the month with East Flow at 44%. Total Operations were 81,640, Total Complaints - 31,286.

CDA Staff presented an update on the Residential Sound Insulation Program.

Deputy Aviation Commissioner Frank Grimaldi provided the Commission with an update on airfield construction and its impact on the Interim Fly Quiet plan. Highlights included:

  • Runway 4L/22R is scheduled to be closed for reconstruction from March 1, 2019 – October 31, 2019.
  • Runway 4R/22L is scheduled to be closed at night for scheduled surface maintenance from May 15, 2020 through September 15, 2020.
  • Runway 9R Extension – 2021. The final stage of OMP extends runway 9R to 11,260 feet. The runway is scheduled for complete closure (24/7) from February 1 2021 – December 1 2021.

CDA presented a modified Interim Fly Quiet Timeline based on the construction schedule. IFQ is expected to be in place when Runway 4L/22 reopens (November 2019) until work begins on Runway 4R/22L begins in March 2019. Then it will go into effect again once Runway 4R/22L surface maintenance is completed in September 2020 until construction on 9R begins in February 2021. O’Hare will operate in Traditional Fly Quiet mode during construction periods. It is possible that a modified Fly Quiet could be in place during 9R construction if that option is included in the Commission’s post OMP FQ21 proposal when it is submitted to the FAA.

Report of the Chairman
Chairman Juracek briefed the Commission on the status of the Interim Fly Quiet plan review by the FAA. A draft report is expected early in 2019 to be followed by a series of four public meetings to discuss the plan. Those comments will be incorporated into the final report.

Chairman Juracek provided a recap on ONCC leadership’s meeting with the FAA and O'Hare Control Tower management. She reported that they discussed the Metroplex concept, the O’Hare airspace and how they impact noise and the decisions of pilots and controllers. She reported that she wrote a letter to FAA Regional Administrator Rebecca McPherson requesting an explanation of the integrated O’Hare airspace, the term Metroplex and the explanation why O’Hare is not listed as the FAA’s 11 designated Metroplex airports.

The Draft 2019 ONCC Meeting Calendar was presented to the commission and approved.

A presentation by Rebecca Cointin, manager of the Noise Division at the FAA Office of Environment and Energy is scheduled for the November 2, 2018 ONCC Meeting. Ms. Cointin oversees a research and development program on aviation noise impacts, noise certification, and noise mitigation.

Technical Committee
Chairman Catherine Dunlap reported that the Technical Committee first heard the presentation on construction impacts at the Tech meeting. Amy Hansen of the FAA provided an update on the status of the FAA review of the IFQ. The CDA presented updated fact sheets and revised Fly Quiet Manual. Technical Committee Vice Chair Dennis Ryan is working with CDA Consultant Ryan Anderson on upcoming joint Technical/Fly Quiet educational sessions that will include Noise 102 (scheduled for the November meeting), and Airport 102 which is planned for the January meeting. The Technical Committee October meeting has been cancelled – the next meeting is scheduled for November 13 at 9:30 am at the Mount Prospect Village Hall.

Fly Quiet Committee
Chairman Joe Annunzio reported that the Fly Quiet Committee met on Monday, September 17 at the Bensenville Village hall. The committee reviewed runway rotation models and an overview of different aspects of runway usage and predictability.

The CDA presented a series of ten questions and answers addressed at the August meeting.

Bensenville presented a possible runway rotation plan for discussion.

CDA presented case studies from other airports with respect to preferential runway usage, departure proceedings, land use and population studies.

The next Fly Quiet Committee will meet on Thursday, October 18 at the Department of Aviation Building at 9:30 a.m.

Residential Sound Insulation Committee
Vice Chair Ralph Sorce reported that the Residential Sound Insulation Committee met on September 19.

O'Hare Phase 17 Residential Sound Insulation Program Status - CDA Consultant reported on the status of Phase 17 homes: 272 homes did not enroll and would be invited in the future; 748 homes have been completed. Homes not completed in Phase 17 will most likely be included in Phase 19. The goal is to have all homes completed under the OMP by the completion of the last runway extension scheduled for 2021.

Future Planning for the Residential Planning Sound Insulation Program (Phase 18) - CDA reported they would add the remaining homes to the maps and charts when the ONCC passes a resolution for Phase 19.

CDA will be sending a letter to Phase 18 homeowners. An architect has been selected.

Odorous Window Report
CDA provided an update on the Odorous Windows matter. CDA has engaged InterTech to look for modifications to relieve the odor problem and should have a report at the end of October.
The next meeting of the Residential Committee is scheduled for November 14, 2018 at 9:30am at the Norridge Village Hall, 4000 N. Olcott, Norridge.

Ad Hoc Budget Committee - Dr. Raymond J. Kuper, Treasurer
Dr. Kuper, ONCC Treasurer presented the 2019 budget as recommended by the Ad Hoc Budget Committee. The 2019 Budget was approved.

Next Meeting
The next ONCC meeting is scheduled for November 2, 2018 at 8:00 am at Café la Cave.