42 communities and 19 school districts dedicated to reducing aircraft noise in the communities around O’Hare International Airport since 1996.


The O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission General Meeting met on November 2, 2018. View Packet

 Presentation - Rebecca Cointin, Manager, Noise Division, FAA Office of Environment and Energy

Ms. Cointin gave a presentation on the FAA research on Aviation Noise. View Presentation

Her division looks at community noise from aircraft – all noise sources contribute to acoustic signature – both at takeoff and during landing – aircraft noise, landing takeoff cycle and community exposure. She said that a lot of the research on aircraft noise is from the 1970s. In the 1970s, there were fewer aircraft operations but the aircraft were much louder. Addressing the noise challenge through 3 categories – understanding the impact of noise; outreach and mitigation. She discussed FAA Aircraft Noise Impact Research, and highlighted several areas of study including Community Annoyance, Children’s Learning, Sleep Disturbance and Health Impacts.

Noise outreach efforts they are currently focusing on include community outreach, noise complaint initiatives, examining ways to more efficiently and effectively address noise complaints, and ways to increase public understanding. She directed members to Faa.gov/go/aviationnoise and Noisequiest web sites.

Sound insulation research – working on elements not yet well investigated by previous research. They have developed recommended practices to support acoustic testing, and are looking to create international standard setting.
CLEEN – continuous lower energy, emissions and noise is a public private 50-50 cost share partnership. The program’s aim is to reduce fuel burn, emissions and noise via aircraft and engine technologies and alternative jet fuels.

Reduction at the source some of the most beneficial ways to provide noise reduction, but this takes time to implement through the fleet. Also looking at how an aircraft flies – aircraft operations. Changing how aircraft are flown to reduce noise.

FAA Reauthorization – 5 year reauthorization was signed into law October 5. Multiple sections address aircraft noise including: looking at alternative metric evaluation, report on aircraft noise mitigation and safety study and more. FAA is still reviewing details. Anticipate Looking at altering scope of existing research, expand to look at other impacts possibly at an accelerated schedule.

View Summary of FAA Reauthorization

Ms. Nancy Kiernan was introduced as the new Assistant Commissioner for Intergovernmental Affairs for the Chicago Department of Aviation.

CDA Consultants reviewed the September 2018 ANMS Report.

Odorous Windows Update - Ms. Kiernan provided an update on the Odorous Windows situation, stating that two reports had been issued indicating that the source of the odor was PVC coating on the screens, and it was not found to have any health impacts. CDA is in the process of evaluating solutions to the problem. Detailed plan for addressing current issues as well as reviewing and revising specifications used to purchase windows, and will ensure that customer service is the first and foremost ethic of this program. View Reports

FAA/ONCC Leadership Meetings - Mayor Juracek re-announced a plan to hold regular meetings between the FAA and ONCC Leadership to reinforce an ongoing dialog, and be kept in the loop on the environmental review of the Interim Fly Quiet proposal currently before the FAA for review. At the last meeting, the term metroplex came up, it was discussed, and Mayor Juracek sent a list of questions for the FAA regarding the topic of metroplex and received a reply from the FAA.

AAAE/ACI Conference - Mayor Juracek reported that she and Fly Quiet Committee Vice-Chair Karyn Robles attended the AAAE/ACI Conference, which brought together industry experts, airports and airlines. Ms.Robles shared that it was a beneficial conference and emphasized there is no solution that works for all airports. 

Fly Quiet Committee Report -Chairman Joe Annunzio reported that Committee members to develop plans at the next meeting. Plans must be submitted to Jeanette by Nov. 6 to be included for discussion at the Nov. 15 meeting. View Committee Update

Technical Committee Update - The Technical Committee did not meet in October. Chairman Cathy Dunlap announced that Vice-Chair Dennis Ryan was working with Ryan Anderson to develop additional educational sessions for ONCC members. Noise 201 will be held in November 13 and Airport 201 will be held in January.

The next General Meeting of the ONCC is scheduled for January 11, 2019.

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