42 communities and 19 school districts dedicated to reducing aircraft noise in the communities around O’Hare International Airport since 1996.


The Technical Committee met on November 13, 2018.

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Amy Hanson of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) provided an update on the Interim Fly Quiet review. The draft report is expected to be released in January, with Public Workshops being held in the weeks following the release. She said that they are working on a web site that would be available with general information about the report, and copies of the report will be available at libraries and provided to elected officials.

Ms. Hanson reviewed the subject of Environmental Justice (EJ) as it applies to the OMP EIS Re-Evaluation for Interim Fly Quiet. As she reminded the committee, the FAA does not just look at noise, they have to take into consideration impacts on air quality, wetlands, wildlife and other things, including environmental justice. They look at how the environmental impacts vary geographically across those areas.

The presentation focused on the definition of Environmental Justice (EJ); the regulatory setting governing FAA EJ analysis; and circumstances and examples where EJ analysis is required or indicated. Criteria considered include race, ethnicity and low-income poverty status. Ms. Hanson also reviewed the history of EJ, the regulatory settings governing FAA EJ Analysis.

The Components of the EJ Analysis include environmental analysis looking specifically at effects to environmental resources and an analysis of how those anticipated effects are distributed geographically, determination of whether impacts from a Federal action would affect EJ Populations in a manner that is unique to those populations, and enhanced outreach to EJ Communities to facilitate meaningful participation. Ms. Hanson reviewed the importance of data used in the review and explained what data sets are used in the EJ analysis.

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CDA Staff gave an update on noise monitors. Municipal deployment is three months. There is currently one stationed in Bloomingdale, which has been deployed since August. The long-term noise monitor report for Chicago Ward 39 showed an average noise level of 58.4 in September and 59.6 in October. View Noise Monitor Report

Ryan Anderson of Landrum & Brown presented the 3rd Quarter Fly Quiet Report. Since this report covered the summer months with heavy storms, Fly Quiet averaged a much later start time and higher than average operations.
Most used departure runway was 28R with 31% (primary departure runway in west flow). For arrivals, most used nighttime arrival runway was 10C with 25% (not primary runway east flow for arrivals, however Runway 9C was shut down quite a bit a night during this period for construction activities. Preferential Flight Track numbers were good, with 89% deviating less than 0.5 miles. The average start time of Fly Quiet Mode was 11:14 PM and stop time average was 5:47 AM. 3rd Quarter Fly Quiet Report

CDA staff reported on the City’s 311 System Update. Upgrades are expected to be rolled out in mid-December. Staff is conducting user testing to determine what features they will be able to implement.

Ryan Anderson of Landrum & Brown gave a presentation entitled Noise 201. Designed to complement a previous session of Noise 101, which focused on metrics and sources of noise; Noise 201 goes to the next level to look at how the metrics are used to make comparisons in environmental review, specifically how the noise models are used. He stated this was significant – he did not believe that any other community group had received this level of detail. The presentation included a review of DNL, how the noise models are used, what data we receive from them, and how the data is used to compare impacts. View Presentation

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