The O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission met on Friday, January 11, 2019.

Speaker/Presentation: Illinois Toll Highway Authority Chairman Robert Schillerstrom 

Illinois Toll Highway Authority Chairman Robert Schillerstrom addressed the Commission to provide an update on the Illinois Route 490 project. View Presentation

He noted that these were some of the largest infrastructure projects our area has seen in decades. He thanked the members for their advocacy and support of Tollway projects. The roadway portion of the I-490 project is now a reality. Plans are in place and are being implemented. The Tollway Authority is working with the railroad, the airport and others to deliver full western access to O’Hare and are on track to complete the project by 2025.

Chairman Schillerstrom gave an overview of the toll highway network which consists of five roadways, a 294‐mile system across 12 counties in Northern Illinois that serves more than 1.6 million vehicles a day. The Illinois Tollway Authority does not receive any federal, state or local dollars for operations. Those who use the system pay for it.

He discussed the Move Illinois capital program, a 15‐year, $14 billion plan that includes: repairing existing roads, bridges and interchanges; constructing I-390 and I‐490 Tollways, providing western access to O’Hare International Airport; reconstructing 22 miles of the Central Tri‐State Tollway (I‐294); rebuilding and widening 62 miles with transit options on the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I‐90); and I‐294/I‐57 Interchange, connecting two major interstates.

He explained that the I-490 access would include three lanes both to and from the western edge of O’Hare at I-390. He reported that a milestone had been reached in establishing western access thanks to the memorandum of understanding reached with the Union Pacific Railroad. Data shows that by 2040 30-40 percent of people going to the airport will arrive from the west. Construction will include:

  • I‐490 Interchange, Illinois Route 83 to York Road construction (Scheduled: 2019 – 2020)
  • O’Hare Airport perimeter fence and road relocation (Completed: June 2018)
  • I‐490 Interchange –Western access ramp construction (Scheduled: 2019 ‐ 2023)

Construction will also take place on the north end of I-490:

  • I‐490/I‐90 Interchange bridges (Scheduled: 2018 – 2019)
  • I‐490/I‐90 Interchange bridges and fuel station removal (Scheduled: 2018 – 2020)
  • Touhy Avenue Reconstruction Project – Cook County (Scheduled: 2019 – 2021

He touted the benefits of the I-490 project – for the surrounding communities in terms of access, economic development and employment opportunities, for the railroads, for the city of Chicago in terms of airport operations and all involved. 

City of Chicago Department of Aviation Report

CDA Consultants reviewed the October and November 2018 ANMS Reports.

CDA staff gave an update on the RSIP Odorous Windows program. The city has determined that there is no health risk associated with the odorous windows, and that the odor is coming from a PVC coating on the screens. They expect that in 2019, they will be able to address most complaints that have been identified and verified with regard to the windows.

CDA Staff reported that the City 311 System is now live, but some bugs are still being worked out, especially with filing noise complaints from outside the city. CDA and IT staff will continue to work on the system to ensure it is operational.

Report of the ONCC Chair

IFQ Update - the FAA’s Interim Fly Quiet (IFQ) report is expected to be released next week. Public Workshops have been scheduled for February 4, 5, 6 and 7 (LINK to NEWS ITEM with detail). With the federal government shutdown, there is some uncertainty as to how that will affect the workshops, but ONCC will continue to keep members updated on any news.

An ad hoc Governance Committee has been formed to review and prepare the Intergovernmental Agreement for approval in 2020. The committee will also review the bylaws regarding the involvement of school districts on the Fly Quiet Committee.

Committee Reports

The next ONCC General Meeting will be held March 1, 2019.