The Fly Quiet Committee met on January 22, 2019. View Packet

The Committee reviewed a runway rotation configuration proposal by Fair Allocation of Runways representative Dan Dwyer. 

CDA Consultants reviewed the operational questions, what had been answered thus far, and what items were still awaiting a response. 

Next, CDA Consultants provided an overview of existing vector headings. Mr. Jackson presented the committee with the current vector heading in the Fly Quiet Program. He highlighted the flight tracks from previous Fly Quiet Reports which show most aircraft within 1 mile of the flight track and up to 7 miles out from the airport.

The Committee discussed the release of the Interim Fly Quiet Draft Re-Evaluation Document and scheduled public workshops. More Info

The next meeting of the Fly Quiet Committee is scheduled for February 19, 2019 at the CDA Administration meeting.