ONCC Technical Committee Chair Catherine Dunlap participated in a months long planning committee to develop a workshop for anti noise groups, including airport/community roundtables, on ways to improve the FAA’s community engagement for Precision Based Navigation (PBN). Some 15 community groups submitted comments which were discussed at the U.C. Davis Aviation Noise and Emissions Symposium which was held from March 3-5 in Florida.

Written comments from the City of Tempe and the ONCC in addition to groups affected by NextGen flight paths in or out of areas including Phoenix, Seattle-Tacoma, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, D.C. and New York City, were summarized for the March 3 discussion. Workshop participants also included representatives from Boston, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Louisville and Centennial Colorado,

The Sunday workshop participants created consensus recommendations for the FAA to improve its community engagement process regarding PBN procedures. These recommendations were presented on Monday March 4 by two designees chosen by the Sunday discussion, Ms. Dunlap and an activist from New York. The recommendations were:

  • Comprehensive Public Notice
  • Collaborate with all Community Groups
  • Transparency on data
  • Consider Community Involvement Suggestions
  • Establish Best Practices for Roundtables
  • Expand Community Representation on the NextGen Advisory Committee
  • and other national FAA related entities. 

The FAA participants appreciated hearing from the community groups and suggested that this was good for future discussion. All the Noise and Emission Symposium presentations will be available on the UC Davis Air Quality Research Center conference website in May.