The Fly Quiet Committee met on April 23, 2019.

Jeffrey Jackson of Landrum and Brown (Chicago Department of Aviation consultant) reviewed the Follow-up on Operational procedures, and provided an answer for Operational Question #2: How many runways are open during Fly Quiet Mode? There are three runways open - one arrival, one departure and one additional runway as required. There had been a question if four runways would be allowed. Mr. Jackson responded that the FAA and CDA do not envision the use of four runways for Fly Quiet Mode at this time.

There is one remaining question left to answer (#9) and the Chicago Department of Aviation staff will meet with the ONCC member to clarify and respond to that question.

Fly Quiet 21 Process Review
Mr. Jackson reviewed the Fly Quiet 21 process chart, which indicated that the committee was still at the Develop Alternatives stage. He suggested that the committee compare and contrast alternatives, then work on departure procedures.VIEW PROCESS REVIEW

FQ21 Runway Configurations
The Committee reviewed the three Interim Fly Quiet tests to illustrate how the committee arrived at the recommended Interim Fly Quiet runway configurations.

A draft of 19 runway configurations was presented to the committee. Mr. Jackson explained that there were taxiways or runways missing today. He said the committee could move forward with some of the configurations or CDA could add more configurations.

He presented two categories: Acceptable Configurations (4) or ones Air Traffic Control said they could use or Acceptable With Departure Stipulation Configurations (15) that have had no review by ATC or the airlines. The configurations with stipulations took into consideration three variables: ID—Intersection departures unless full length needed for operational necessity; JB—Jet blast; and VO—Visual only.

After explaining terms, Mr. Jackson said 30 configurations were submitted to the FAA and 11 are outstanding and an analysis was needed with the airfield changing.

He said two big changes with Runway 9C/27C opening in 2020 would be how to get the aircraft to the hangar. There would be taxiway changes, this would impact movement on the airfield, and what configurations would be available for Fly Quiet.


Next Steps
The Committee’s next steps include finalizing feasible runway configurations and piecing together alternatives with runway preferences.

Next Meeting
The next Fly Quiet Committee Meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. at the Chicago Department of Aviation Administration Building.