050319 officers2The ONCC met on Friday, May 3, 2019 for its annual meeting.

Mayor Jeffrey Sherwin of Northlake, Chair of the Nominating Committee reported that the committee had not received any nominations and the current officers had agreed to serve another term. He put forth the following for consideration:

  • Mayor Arlene Juracek, Chair (Village of Mount Prospect)
  • Joseph Annunzio, Vice-Chair (Village of Niles)
  • Raymond Kuper, Treasurer (School District 86)

(Pictured L to R: Dr. Kuper, Mayor Juracek, Mr. Annunzio)

Chair Juracek thanked ONCC members for their vote of confidence and continued support as the group worked toward their shared goal of reducing aircraft noise within the O’Hare region.

She presented the 2018 Highlights publication which documents ONCC’s activities and accomplishments over its history and provides a comprehensive snapshot of the Commission's work to date.

Frank Grimaldi, Deputy Commissioner of Aviation for the Chicago Department of Aviation gave the commission an update on construction projects at O’Hare. View Presentation

CDA Report

Odorous Windows:
CDA has performed over 1,000 inspections, 577 cases were confirmed as having odorous windows. They were split into three categories – mechanical repairs, odor issues or both. To date, they have completed mechanical repairs on 55; and additional 21 are near full completion. Construction is taking place on 51 homes in the O’Hare area with mechanical repairs only; 138 homes near O’Hare have odor and mechanical issues.
CDA is working on new specifications for the window program so this does not occur again. This will require that insect screens are not PVC coated and making sure screens are not trapped between two planes of glass, ensuring that the screen is on outside.

311 Modernization
The City of Chicago has resolved address issue that was not allowing addresses outside of the City limits to be entered. The address field now has the ability to capture address other than home , and this field is now optional not mandatory. The new 311 app is intuitive and easy to use, and can be downloaded iphone and android. Once you have finished entering your complaint information, you get a summary screen that lists your entries, and you can make edits on this screen.

March 2019 ANMS Report
Monthly operation totals: March – 76,283 operations, a 3% increase over 2018
Most Used Departure Runway Daytime - 28R, 43%; Arrival - 22L – 25%; Most Used Departure Runway Nighttime - 22L , 50%; Arrival – 9R
The March report includes the new Noise Complaint Report format, which is easier to read and features new ways of organizing the data, based on information received via the new 311 system.

Report of the Chair
Chair Juracek raised an issue that had been discussed at the Executive Committee. At the time the Fly Quiet Committee was created, it was determined that the membership of the committee would be reviewed by the Chair, in consultation with the Executive Committee, on an annual basis. Several requests had been received to appoint additional members to the Fly Quiet Committee. She pointed out even if members are not part of the committee, they still have opportunity to attend meetings, address committee early in meeting, make presentations ask questions and provide data. She emphasized the fact that the committee is a regional effort, and encouraged members to work with their neighbors who do have a seat on the committee. She reminded them that any proposal by the Fly Quiet Committee would require discussion and approval by the full ONCC membership.

The Executive Committee voted to request the Governance Committee to revise the bylaws to increase the membership of the Fly Quiet Committee from 11 members to 13 members. She told members if they were interested in sitting on this committee to submit request regarding membership.

Committee Reports

  • Fly Quiet
  • Governance - the Governance Committee met on April 17, 2019. They are reviewing the By-Laws and Intergovernmental Agreement. 
  • Technical

The next ONCC General meeting will be held June 7 at Café la Cave, 2777 S. Mannheim Road, Des Plaines, IL.