42 communities and 19 school districts dedicated to reducing aircraft noise in the communities around O’Hare International Airport since 1996.


The ONCC Technical Committee met on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, at Mount Prospect Village Hall. View agenda and documents

Airfield Updates

CDA Staff provided an update on airfield changes that were effective April 25, 2019. Changes include: 

  • Taxiway Hotel - renamed to Taxiway Golf (resulting in changes of other connecting taxiways)
  • Taxiway Tango was demolished due to construction of 9C/27C which is due to open in 2020 (former taxiway for runway 15/33
  • Taxiway Charlie was demolished/closed (former taxiway to 14L/32R) - renamed as Golf 2
  • Runway 9C - 4 construction bid packages. Started from the east - substantially complete. Work is starting at either end and working toward the center. 
  • Runway 4L/22L is closed due to 9C/27C construction and pavement reconstruction

View Map

Noise Monitors
Current deployments are in Bloomingdale and St. Charles. Monitors have been retrieved from Park Ridge and Niles. A new request had been received from Niles, they are working out the details. A report on Long Term portable monitor in Ward 39 was included in the meeting packet. View Report

311 Noise Complaint Update
They City is still working on a number of items including the confirmation email that is sent, and the language in the message. Staff also reported that a new noise complaint report was developed as part of the March 2019 ANMS report that was presented at annual meeting. 

Noise Complaint Non-Verifiable Addresses
CDA Consultants explained the address verification process that is used with the new noise complaint system. This included a description of how the complaint data is gathered, and what data is used for address verification. View Presentation

Terminal Area Forecast
CDA staff presented the 2019 Terminal Area Forecast, which is published by the FAA. The forecasting process is very complex, taking into consideration industry projections, economic factors, origin and destination information and constraints on the airfield. View

Annual Airport Operations
CDA staff presented the FAA Annual Airport Operations numbers for O'Hare for 2018. Total operations in 2018 reached 903,747. View

Quarter 1 - 2019 Fly Quiet Report
CDA Consultants reviewed the Quarter 1 - 2019 Fly Quiet Report. Highlights for Q1 2019 include: Average Start Time for Fly Quiet Mode: 11:09 pm, Average Stop Time: 5:55 a.m. Average Nightly time in FQM 6:46, Average Nightly Operations in FQM: 92. View

New Flight Tracker Feature
A new rainfall layer option is available in the WebTrak system that allows users to see how weather events such as thunderstorms can impact aircraft positions. View Presentation

WebTrak Site

In 2017, the Federal Aviation Administration gave a presentation to the Technical Committee about the impact of severe weather on air traffic at O'Hare. View Presentation

The next meeting of the Technical Committee is scheduled for August 20, 2019.

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