42 communities and 19 school districts dedicated to reducing aircraft noise in the communities around O’Hare International Airport since 1996.


The ONCC Ad Hoc Governance Committee met on May 16, 2019. View Agenda Packet here

ONCC Executive Committee Request for Fly Quiet Committee Section of ONCC By-Laws
The Governance Committee discussed a request from the Executive Committee to increase the membership of the Fly Quiet Committee from 11 to 13 members. They reviewed a letter from Congresswoman Schakowsky and Senator Murphy supporting Park Ridge’s membership on the Fly Quiet Committee, as well as a letter from Bensenville Village Manager Evan Summers expressing the village's opposition to adding additional members to the Fly Quiet Committee.

Committee members pointed out that Commission members who are not members of the Fly Quiet committee have ample opportunity to voice any concerns or bring any matters to the attention of the committee. They may do so through remarks at the beginning of the meetings, by working with their neighbors that are on the committee, and through the fact that any proposals the Committee develops would have to be approved by the full ONCC, which non-committee members would have an opportunity to vote on.

Several committee members commented that they felt that expanding the Committee would impact the effectiveness of the committee, as it is intended to be a working group with involved discussion and analysis of highly technical issues. The Governance Committee voted to keep the membership of the Fly Quiet Committee at 11 members. The vote will be reported back to the Executive Committee.

Review of Previous Changes to Bylaws
The Committee reviewed changes that had previously been made. They discussed proposed changes that had been brought up at the previous meeting involving the membership of the Fly Quiet Committee. The committee proposed adding language that the Fly Quiet Committee should include balance of geographic area, and recommended removing the language that the committee should include “communities not school districts”, and that committee membership should be reviewed by the Chair periodically. Other topics to discuss at future meetings:

  • Bylaws:
    • Nominating Committee request that the Governance Committee discuss succession planning for officers
    • Formatting cleanup (bullets vs. numbers)
    • Attendance - The committee discussed in detail the policy regarding attendance, and quorum issues. It was decided this issue would be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.
    • Language regarding ONCC position on OMP

  • Intergovernmental Agreement
    • Timeline – Need to propose changes to full Commission in time to send to City Council for vote and then vote by ONCC member boards by December 31, 2020.

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