The ONCC Technical Committee met on September 17, 2019 at the Mount Prospect Village Hall.

Portable/Permanent/Long-term Noise Monitors Update
The Committee received an update on noise monitors. They reported that there are no requests/new deployments scheduled for portable residential noise monitors, residents are encourage to submit an application to request one. There is one portable municipal monitor currently deployed in Niles through the end of October. CDA staff presented a map of portable monitors deployed in 2018.

311 System Data
CDA staff asked the committee for feedback on ideas for how to use the 311 noise complaint data. Suggestions included tracking first time complainants, displaying the dots on the map in a different color. This could help determine if there was a cluster of complaints in a certain area, to identify problems or trends.

2018 Annual Operations and Enplanements
CDA consultants reviewed 2018 Annual Operations and Enplanements. It was noted that enplanements increased at greater rate than operations. One factor in influencing these numbers is the fact that the airlines are shifting their fleets from regional jets to narrow body aircraft, using larger planes with more capacity.

2018 Annual Operations Daytime/Nighttime Statistics
The Committee reviewed 2018 Annual Operations Daytime/Nighttime Statistics. The report showed that the percentage of nighttime operations was around 10-11%. The percentage is based on overall operations, so the number of flights has increased but the share of nighttime operations has not.

Airline Specific Fleet Mix Reports
CDA consultants presented Airline Specific Fleet Mix Reports, a high level summary showing the individual fleet mix of airlines operating at ORD for January - June 2019. This report covers air carriers that operate over 90% of operations at O’Hare (cargo, international come in less frequently - 1x month, few times a week – not included). The report is broken out by airlines and affiliates. At a future meeting, CDA will provide an update on aircraft noise footprints. The committee would like to target the loudest planes and communicate with those carriers about encouraging them to phase them out of their fleets.

The next meeting of the Technical Committee is scheduled for October 15, 2019.