The Fly Quiet Committee met on November 19, 2019. View Presentation

Interim Fly Quiet Report

CDA Consultants presented the Interim Fly Quiet Summary report for the first week of the rotation program, November 3, 2019. Reports will be uploaded weekly to the CDA web site.

Week 1 Summary - November 3, 2019

Highlights of week 1 included:

  • Preferred Runways - Primary - Arrivals - 10L, Departures 9R; Secondary - Arrivals - 27L, Departures - 28C
  • 65% of operations used designated runways, there were 95 operations in Fly Quiet mode
  • Safety checks, FAA Flight Checks, Construction, weather all impacted compliance

The Committee suggested noting significant weather events on future reports (precipitation and wind conditions)

North Airfield SMS status
Committee Chairman Annunzio reported that the Committee received a response received from the FAA regarding the FAA’s SMS review, and reported that there was no update at this time.

Committee Feedback
Ms. Camacho reported that she and CDA consultants met with 7 communities to discuss departure concepts, and the general consensus was that two departure headings would be more beneficial than three. Many of the suggestions were incorporated into additional departure concepts.

Chairman Annunzio stated that the committee would not be voting today, but requested the committee members to give feedback to Ms. Camacho by next meeting so a vote can be taken at that time. He encouraged committee members to ask questions and schedule any additional one-on-one meetings.

Departure Concepts (View Presentation)
CDA Consultants presented four types of departure concepts:

  • A Parallels only, no diagonals. Split airfield concept
  • B Parallels only, no diagonals. Full airfield concept
  • C Parallels & Diagonals. Split airfield concept
  • D Parallels & Diagonals. Full airfield concept

The next Fly Quiet Committee meeting is scheduled for December 16, 2019 at 9:30 am at Café la Cave, 2777 S Mannheim Rd., Des Plaines.