The ONCC Technical Committee met on November 12, 2019.

Noise Monitors
Chicago Department of Aviation staff provided an update on noise monitors.

Airfield Update
The Committee receive an airfield update. These consisted mostly of several taxiways being reconfigured to adjust to runway changes on the airfield.

2019 3rd Quarter Fly Quiet Report
CDA consultants presented the 2019 3rd Quarter Fly Quiet Report
Average start time of Fly Quiet mode was 11:20 pm, average stop time was 5:40 am.
It was noted that the start time was a bit later than usual due to the fact that it was the summer months resulting in delays due to weather events, and heavier air traffic.
Average Nighttime operations: 102
Most used departure Runway – 28R
Most used arrival runway – 10C
Nighttime flights were 13% of total operations

AAAE Airport Noise Conference
CDA consultants reported on their attendance at the AAAE Airport Noise Conference.

Mr. Anderson reported that Seattle Airport was doing outreach to airlines regarding the A320 wing vent whine – design of wing has porthole in bottom of wing, creating a whistle. There is a remedy for it – an attachment that can be used. The Committee was interested in following a similar tactic in sending letters to carriers at O’Hare.

On the topic of Community Annoyance, the noise complaint button used for O’Hare is not the only one, the company is marketing it across the country. Some airports have clear rules that they will not accept 3rd party complaints. O’Hare has approached the matter by focusing on verifiable households, less on number of complaints.

The next Technical Committee meeting will be January 21, 2020.