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Fly Quiet Committee Summary – December 16, 2019


IFQ Reports
CDA Consultants reviewed Interim Fly Quiet Reports for weeks 2 – 5. They reported that stakeholder meetings are held each week to discuss coordination of airfield operations and their impact on the schedule. It is significant that this is the first time the rotation is being conducted in the winter months, everyone is still learning how this will impact the rotation plan. View Reports - Weeks 2-5


SMS Review
Chairman Annunzio reported on a response from the FAA regarding the North airfield safety review. Regional Director MacPherson stated that they were still awaiting the results from the SMS panel, explaining that it was critical to get assessment done with high degree of confidence. She said she would let the ONCC know as soon as she receives word from the panel. Fly Quiet Chairman Annunzio suggested that ONCC Chairman Juracek schedule a meeting with FAA representatives after the first of the year.

Committee Feedback – Departure Concepts
CDA Consultants reported that the Committee members’ feedback on Departure Concepts was constructive and helpful to keep process moving forward. He reported on comments and suggestions received from the members that the CDA met with. View Comments

Departure Procedure Discussion
The Committee will continue to make refinements across the board. Consultants reviewed revised departure concepts, based on feedback received from meetings with members. The concepts featured were the ones that included diagonals, utilized the full airfield and also developed scenarios that used split airfield concept. This concept would operate airfield as if it were 2 separate airports, alternating weekly between the north and south airfields.
The Committee also returned to the discussion of whether or not to include RNAV procedures. There are concerns that including it would delay the FAA review process. It was also noted that if RNAV is not included now, it may be difficult to return to it once the plan has been reviewed. View Concepts

Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Fly Quiet Committee is scheduled for January 28, 2019.

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