The ONCC met on Friday, January 10, 2020.

City of Chicago Report

  • ANMS Reports - CDA Consultants Landrum & Brown reviewed the November 2019 ANMS reports, noting that there were differences in normal usage patterns due to the Interim Fly Quiet program. In November, the airfield was primarily in west flow configuration.

  • Interim Fly Quiet Program - Landrum & Brown presented a report on the Interim Fly Quiet Program. It was noted that the runway rotation program will pause in May for work over the summer on runway 4R-22L.

Report of the Chair
ONCC Chair Juracek reported that the Fly Quiet Committee is still down a member. There is an opening for a representative from a City of Chicago Ward member, and the aldermen are finalizing their appointment.

Mayor Juracek will be representing the ONCC at the UC Davis 2020 Noise Symposium. She will be participating on a panel at the symposium with FAA Regional Director Rebecca MacPherson with the topic, “Community Impacts on Flight Operations.” She stated that it was an opportunity to share what the ONCC is doing with the Interim Fly Quiet plan, noting that the organization has been repeatedly recognized for its groundbreaking work, and serves as a model nationally.

Chair Juracek announced that a meeting between ONCC leadership and the FAA had been scheduled for January 24th. She expressed her gratitude to the FAA for meeting with the organization and stated that the meetings are very valuable for an exchange of information, especially on Fly Quiet.

Committee Reports

  • Technical Committee

  • Fly Quiet Committee

  • Governance Committee – Ms. Robles reported that the committee has been working on cleaning up language and terminology in the bylaws and has compiled a list of items for the IGA for the City of Chicago legal counsel to review. The committee also discussed establishing geographic boundary for ONCC.

  • Residential Committee - Bid package 3 will be released in the first quarter 2020. Phase 18 Homeowner meetings took place in December; January 20 is the deadline for homeowners to register. Homeowner meetings started. The first 250 homes will begin work in the 3rd quarter of 2020. At the committee’s next meeting, January 29, the draft resolution for Phase 19 will be presented for review and approval. This is the final phase for OMP sound insulation contour.

The next meeting of the ONCC will be held on Friday, February 14, 2020.