The ONCC Fly Quiet Committee met on February 25, 2020. View Packet

Committee Chair Joe Annunzio encouraged the Committee to continue making progress and urged them to begin to coalesce around solutions. He reviewed that there are 3 main elements under consideration for FQ21: Runway Configurations, Departure Headings, and determining RNAV vs. Vector Headings.

IFQ Weeks 12-15
CDA Consultants reviewed IFQ Reports for weeks 12-15. CDA will provide information at the next Technical Committee regarding the use of parallel runways when the diagonals are the preferred runways.

FQ21 Process
The committee will be reverting to discussion of runway configurations, putting departure concepts on hold for now. First the committee needs to determine preferred configurations before they can reach decisions on departure headings.

RNAV vs. Vector Headings
CDA Consultants reviewed RNAV departure concepts vs. vector headings. In RNAV procedures, all aircraft fly the same procedure, with a much higher concentration of flights over a concentrated area. It can be configured so they fly over compatible land area, it can be difficult to keep the path completely over compatible land area, some residents will be effected. This procedure has been used at Boston Logan Airport and Denver airport. There is potential for it to be used for Runway 4L/22R along the Tri-State Tollway corridor and forest preserve land. CDA is seeking input from the committee if they would like to pursue RNAV as an option and continue to study and model. It was noted that in most other cases, the procedure was implemented for the purpose of efficiency rather than noise reduction. View Presentation

The committee decided to table this discussion until the Technical Committee can further investigate use of diagonal runways in runway rotation configurations. CDA Consultants will present this information to the Technical Committee at their March meeting.

Preferential Runway Configurations
The Committee reviewed Preferential Runway Configurations. They indicated that the FAA expressed concern with hybrids (combination of diagonal and parallel) which may require further analysis with regard to jet blast. Some configurations were visual only – weather conditions have to be good for certain configuration – missed approach may be issue. View Presentation   View Runway Configurations

Chairman Annunzio suggested that if members have specific questions they should schedule one-on-one meetings with CDA.

The Committee also discussed the use of a split airfield concept, splitting the airfield into north and south and rotating between the two.

The next meeting of the Fly Quiet Committee is scheduled for March 24, 2020, 9:30 a.m.