The ONCC Technical Committee met on April 14, 2020 via video/audio conference. 

Noise Monitors
CDA representative presented the readings for the long-term portable monitor located in Chicago Ward 39. The 2019 average was 59.8 and the 2020 average for January and February was 59.2. View

A320 Whistle
Ryan Anderson of Landrum & Brown gave a presentation regarding an issue with a whistling sound the A320 aircraft makes during arrivals on descent due to four small holes on the framework of the aircraft. He explained that the fix is a the vortex generator is attached in the front of the four holes resulting in a 4 Dbd reduction of noise. He recommended outreach to airlines that operate these aircraft at O’Hare regarding the problem and the fix. View Presentation

United Airlines representative Glen Morris updated the committee on the installation of the vortex generators on United’s Airbus 320 aircraft. He reported that United initiated a multi-year project to install vortex generators on our Airbus 319/320 fleet as part of their heavy maintenance schedule. View Presentation

Annual Operations at O’Hare
CDA representative presented a graph chart of the operations of a 24-hour period at O’Hare in 2019 to look at the percentage of passenger flights versus cargo flights. The average was 93 to 96 percent for passenger flights and 2 to 3 percent for cargo. In 2018 there was an uptick of 2.7 percent for cargo. View Chart

In a 2019 monthly chart, 95 to 96 percent were passenger flights while 2 to 3 percent were dedicated cargo flights. View Chart

4th Quarter Fly Quiet Report
CDA representative presented reported on the 2019 4th Quarter Fly Quiet Report. View Report

IFQ Runway Utilization
Mr. Anderson presented a report on Runway Utilization during IFQ. The report compared IFQ diagonal runway utilization to Fly Quiet Tests 2 and 3. He reported that weather does have significant impact on how runways are used. This is the first time the runway rotation program has been in place during the winter months, which has affected diagonal runway use. Removing weather as a factor, the utilization of the diagonals was basically the same as during the tests. The report also showed that widebody aircraft can use the short diagonal runways without an issue. Mr. Anderson concluded that by increasing outreach to airlines, pilots and air traffic, diagonal runway usage could be improved; however there will be lower utilization during inclement weather conditions. View Presentation

Runway 9C/27C Outreach for November Opening
ONCC and CDA are coordinating efforts for outreach, which would include webinars and social media.

The next Technical Committee Meeting is scheduled for May 19, 2020.