The Fly Quiet Committee met on April 21, 2020 via video/audio conference.

FAA - SRM Panel Letter
Committee Chair Joe Annunzio shared a letter that ONCC received from the FAA detailing the findings of the Safety Risk Management Panel. The letter stated: “The north airfield runways will be able to operate using current air traffic rules and available procedures.” He noted that any questions should be directed to the FAA.

IFQ Weekly Reports
CDA consultants reviewed the Interim Fly Quiet Weekly reports for Weeks 16-23. View Weekly Reports here.

Fly Quiet 21 Decision Process
The Committee reviewed a new Fly Quiet 21 Decision Pyramid, which outline the steps the committee would need to take leading to the development of the Fly Quiet 21 program. View

Technical Committee Report – IFQ Runway Utilization
Technical Committee Chair Evan Summers summarized the committee’s recent discussion of runway utilization during IFQ. Mr. Anderson shared his presentation to the technical committee, which compared diagonal runway utilization during IFQ compared to utilization during Fly Quiet Tests 2 and 3. View Presentation.

The analysis concluded that runway utilization was somewhat restricted due to weather and recommended that outreach to airlines and pilots could improve compliance with Fly Quiet preferential runways.

RNAV departure procedures
The Committee discussed RNAV departure procedures and voted to continue to consider RNAV procedures as part of Fly Quiet 21. The CDA explained that this element would take additional analysis, and needed determination that the Committee wanted it to be included as an alternative for consideration. CDA will now begin to develop and refine runway configurations and for the committee’s consideration. View Presentation (from February 25, 2020 meeting)

Next Meeting
The next Fly Quiet Committee meeting is scheduled for May 26.