The ONCC Fly Quiet Committee met on May 26, 2020 via Zoom video conference.

CDA presented IFQ weekly reports for weeks 24-28. Week 28 concludes first period of IFQ while 4R/22L undergoes rehabilitation work. IFQ is scheduled to resume mid-September. More details on construction impacts and schedule will be provided at the June 5 full commission meeting. Poor utilization of diagonal runways was due to the COVID-19 situation. Aircraft parked on the airfield interfere with navigational aids. Inclimate weather also impacted usage. View reports

CDA consultants reviewed FQ21 Potential Runway Configurations. There are some configurations that are conditional, awaiting analysis or clarification by FAA on intersection departures and jet blast analysis. The alternative presented, Alternative B, represented a hybrid split airfield. This configuration alternates between parallel, west, east, north, south and diagonals, and also alternates departure headings in an effort to maximize options. Alternative B features a 12-week rotation schedule with 8 parallel weeks and 4 diagonal weeks. The overall concept is based on member feedback received to date. Committee members were asked to provide feedback on these concepts prior to the next meeting on June 23, 2020. View presentation

The next Fly Quiet Committee meeting is scheduled for June 23 at 9:30 am.