Residential Sound Insulation Program Noise Audit Regulation and Guidance Presentation
Dustin Griesmann of Cotter Consulting gave the presentation on Noise Regulation and Guidance. The presentation reviewed direct FAA regulations as well as guidelines, best practices and standards or research studies regarding sound insulation, noise measurement, testing methods and more. He described in detail when the two common methods, Overflight Noise Audit (ONA) and Loudspeaker Noise Audit (LNA) should be employed, with the conclusion that the LNA is the most common approach throughout the industry, and the RSIP’s preferred approach. He described the equipment used, and requirements for use in these tests. View Presentation


Odorous Windows Update
CDA has finished revising the contract specifications. The state commission has not met due to the COVID-19 pandemic. CDA has received the grant funding, but is not proceeding with work in the field until they can receive direction from the state advisory committee. They will distinguish between homes with odor problems versus homes with mechanical problems, they will be handled through different contracts.

RSIP Online Property Locator Update
CDA has updated the RSIP online property locator feature. The new feature will be more intuitive with cleaner graphics and images and will be faster to load as well. The updated locator will include the homes included in Phase 19. View Property Locator

Phase 17 and 18 Update
CDA consultants provided an update on Phases 17 and 18. Phase 17 – 38 historical homes did not enroll. Phase 17 overall had 275 homes that did not enroll and were invited to Phase 19. The next contract for historical homes will go out to bid next month. For Phase 18 – 127 homes did not enroll. They will be invited to Phase 19. 281 inventories have been completed to date. Due to the stay-at-home order, all home inventories stopped March 16. 225 homes are included in Phase 18A. They are expecting to go out to bid in the 4th Quarter of 2020. 175 homes are anticipated for Phase 18B.

Phase 19 Status
1,131 homes are included in Phase 19 – 1,098 past program areas and 33 new invitees. This phase makes up all of the homes in the current noise contour. Due to COVID, the homeowner updates are virtual, with staff having prepared videos for Single Family Homes, Multi-Family Homes and Historical Homes which were broadcast over several dates and times. They also recorded an audio version for those who did not have video capabilities. An invitation was mailed to all homes with information on the video presentations.

Mr. Frame encouraged committee members to reach out and ensure that their colleagues attend the next ONCC general meeting (June). The Phase 19 resolution was not passed at the last ONCC meeting due to lack of quorum. It is imperative that the resolution pass at the June meeting so the program can remain on schedule. He also noted this is the last and final phase of sound insulation under the OMP noise contour. If homeowners do not participate at this time, they may not be eligible again. It is likely that the CDA will generate a future noise contour, but it remains to be seen when that will happen and when it will be approved and we do not know what a future noise contour will look like.

Next Meeting
The next ONCC Residential Sound Insulation Committee is scheduled for September 9, 2020.