The ONCC Technical Committee met on Tuesday, August 18, 2020.

Noise Monitor Update
CDA received 2 requests for portable residential noise monitors from Bensenville and Itasca. Bensenville was deployed; Itasca requested to wait until traffic returned to more normal patterns.
The municipal monitor has been deployed to Glenview.

CDA presented the Long Term Portable monitor report for Site D in City of Chicago Ward 39. LINK

Permanent Noise Monitor Status Update: 36 sites total planned for upgrade. 29 upgrades have been completed to date. 17 sites were completed in a prior year. 11 upgrades and 1 relocation have been completed in 2020. There are 4 upgrades and 3 relocations remaining in 2020. There are also 7 new locations remaining. LINK

Fly Quiet Quarterly Report – Quarter 2
The average time in Fly Quiet was 8 hours 21 minutes. There were an average of 56 operations per night. Nighttime traffic represented 11% of total traffic. Dedicated cargo represents 57% of flights; United and American, 30% of flights.

Average Fly Quiet start time was 10:13pm, end time was 6:34am. Cargo carriers are at or above previous year’s numbers. O’Hare has been a hub for pandemic supplies, moving materials in support of the pandemic. Passenger flights are well below 2019 numbers. LINK

Updated Aircraft Noise Comparison
The comparison featured the top 20 aircraft, ranked by footprint, which represent 95% of operations at O’Hare. Aircraft are ranked by footprint area of noise contour. B737 800/900 is the most used aircraft at 19.5%. Now that the MD-80 has been phased out at O’Hare, the B747-800 with .6% of operations is the loudest aircraft. LINK

Update on impacts due to COVID-19 Pandemic
Mr. Anderson provided an update on impacts to O’Hare due to COVID-19 pandemic. He reviewed a chart of aviation system shocks and recoveries since 1973. Operations in August 2020 represent a 49% decrease from August 2019. We are seeing some uptick in passenger volume, but it represents leisure travel, not business travel. LINK

The next meeting of the Technical Committee is scheduled for September 15, 2020.