The Congressional Quiet Skies Caucus (CQSC) in the United States Congress seeks to raise awareness on the issue of aircraft air and noise pollution and find meaningful solutions to the problem. The caucus consists of congressional representatives from across the country whose constituents have been impacted by the FAA's NextGen program. Local congressional representatives Raja Krishnamoorthi, Mike Quigley and Jan Schakowsky are members of the caucus.

The CQSC sent a response to the Neighborhood Environmental Survey which in part stated:

As members of the Quiet Skies Caucus, we have deep concerns regarding the results of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) nationwide survey about aircraft noise annoyance. The results show clearly that the Day-Night Sound Level (DNL) and corresponding Schultz Curve created in the 1970s have outlived their usefulness—people are far more annoyed by aircraft noise than the Schultz Curve predicts. This validates the reports about aircraft noise we have been hearing from our constituents for years and requires the FAA to take aircraft noise more seriously than it has thus far.

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*Thanks to Congresswoman Schakowsky's office for sharing the letter with ONCC.