The ONCC Technical Committee met on April 20, 2021 via Zoom teleconferencing.

2020 Annual Runway Usage
The CDA reported on the 2020 annual runway usage for all hours. The major takeaway was that the optimum use is on east/west runways. However, the crosswind runways are used as much as 250 times per year in conjunction with the east/west runways. Wind conditions dictate use. With the proper outreach to the airlines, the crosswind runways could be utilized more in the future Fly Quiet program.

Covid 19 Impact Report
Passenger operations continue to increase. ORD operations are still at a reduction of 42 percent. The FAA projects ORD could be back to 2019 operations within 5 to 6 years.

Permanent Noise Monitors
The CDA reported that they are still obtaining permits for Chicago noise monitors and will have more progress to report next month.

CDA Manuals and Fact Sheets
The CDA reviewed updated manuals and fact sheets to include new Runway 9C/27C on all the graphics. The GRE procedure manual was part of the presentation, as was the new airfield graphic to indicate the new runway and changes to taxiways.

Fly Quiet Recognition Program
CDA continued its discussion on the Fly Quiet Recognition Program and reviewed possible metrics to make recognition more meaningful to airlines.