42 communities and 19 school districts dedicated to reducing aircraft noise in the communities around O’Hare International Airport since 1996.


Runway 9R/27L is scheduled to reopen on December 2, 2021. The extended runway will be 11,260 feet long and remains 150 feet wide. The runway is located on the north airfield, approximately 1,600 feet south of existing Runway 9C/27C (as measured from centerline to centerline).

The 3,293-foot extension of Runway 9R/27L is the last airfield construction project of the O’Hare Modernization Program.

Runway 9R/27L will be an Airplane Design Group (ADG) V runway. Runway 9R/27L will be used mostly as a departure runway in all weather and wind conditions, and as an arrival runway when operationally necessary. It will be able to accommodate most aircraft that fly today, except for the largest aircraft such as the B747-8 and A380.

Runway 9R/27L Frequently Asked Questions

O'Hare Modernization Program Build-Out Daytime Runway Configurations

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