ONCC Chair Arlene Juracek recently sent a letter to the FAA regarding the results of the nationwide annoyance survey which were anticipated to be released in December 2015. Recently on June 15, 2018, the Airport Noise Report (Volume 30, Number 19) wrote that the FAA could not say when the results of the survey would be released. The letter asked that the findings be published immediately.

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ONCC members were invited on a tour of the airfield on July 25, 2018. Members were able to see and learn about many of the construction projects currently taking place as well as receive updates on some of the new projects coming on line, such as the O'Hare 21 Terminal Area Plan (TAP).

The ONCC Fly Quiet Committee met on July 19, 2018.

20180719 ONCC Evans Award 400

ONCC Chairman and Mount Prospect Mayor Arlene Juracek was in attendance to present a proclamation of appreciation to departing Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) Commissioner Ginger Evans. Mayor Juracek congratulated the Commissioner on her success in completion of the parallel runway modernization at O’Hare, as well as in negotiating the O’Hare 21 Terminal Redevelopment Plan. Mayor Juracek stated that she appreciated Commissioner Evans’ efforts to work collaboratively with the Commission to find creative solutions. Juracek thanked Evans for bringing respect and support to the Commission, and for recognizing the important role that noise management plays in the success of the airport.

The May 2018 ANMS Report is now available to view online. 

May 2018

Most used departure runway: 9R – 32% 
10L departures increased by 3pp from April 2018 
28R departures decreased by 4pp from April 2018

pp = Percentage Points


Most used arrival runway: 10C – 27%
10R arrivals increased by 2pp from April 2018
27L arrivals decreased by 2pp from April 2018

pp = Percentage Points

Total Complaints: 50,002
Total Complainants: 12,041

The O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC) Fly Quiet Committee met on Tuesday, June 19, 2018.

Chairman Annunzio stated that the goal of the meeting was to review and discuss the committee’s Mission Statement, Objectives and Work Plan. The objective of the committee is for members to gain a better understanding of airport operations so they can review and revise the Fly Quiet Proposal within the 18-month post-OMP full buildout timeframe.

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Commission members attended a workshop on Friday, June 16. 2018 that included presentations of Airport 101 and Noise 101. See below for presentations and materials. 

Introduction to Noise

Airport 101

Noise 101