The Fly Quiet Committee met on January 22, 2019. View Packet

The Committee reviewed a runway rotation configuration proposal by Fair Allocation of Runways representative Dan Dwyer. 

CDA Consultants reviewed the operational questions, what had been answered thus far, and what items were still awaiting a response. 

The Fly Quiet Committee Meeting Packet for January 22, 2019 is now available - click here.

The Technical Committee met on January 15, 2019.

FAA staff was not in attendance due to the Federal Government shutdown. The FAA Interim Fly Quiet Draft Re-Evaluation document has been released and is available on the ONCC web site. Public workshops have been scheduled for February 4-7. There is still uncertainty what impact the shutdown will have on the meetings, but ONCC will keep members posted.

CDA staff gave an update on the 311 System. The City is aware of issues with the noise complaint feature of the system and is working closely with the Department of Technology staff to resolve the problems.

CDA staff provided an update on Noise Monitors. Portable noise monitors are available for deployment.

Ryan Anderson of Landrum & Brown gave a presentation: Airport 201. Topics covered included runway geometry, airport signage, navigational aids, airport inspections and more.

The next Technical Committee meeting is scheduled for March 19, 2019.

The O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission met on Friday, January 11, 2019.

Speaker/Presentation: Illinois Toll Highway Authority Chairman Robert Schillerstrom 

Illinois Toll Highway Authority Chairman Robert Schillerstrom addressed the Commission to provide an update on the Illinois Route 490 project. View Presentation

FAA Interim Fly Quiet Draft Re-Evaluation Document has been released. View the document here.

The public comment period for the Draft Re-Evaluation document begins today and ends on Wednesday 2/27.

See previous post for details on public workshop schedule.

The Technical Committee Meeting Packet for January 15, 2019 is now available: click here

The ONCC General Meeting Packet for January 11, 2019 is now available on Board Docs.