Airport Noise Management System (ANMS)


March 2021

Most used departure runway is 28R with 36% utilization
Most used arrival runway is 28C with 26% utilization
Total operations -29% compared to March 2020 and +14% compared to February 2021
West Flow 55%, East Flow 45%
Nighttime operations accounted for 8% of overall operations.

Fleet Mix:
Regional Aircraft +0.2% compared to February 2021
Narrow-Body Aircraft +1.6% compared to February 2021
Wide-Body Aircraft -1.9% compared to February 2021

Noise data for Site 17 was excluded due to high community noise levels from nearby construction.

Complaints +35% compared to February 2021 and -37% compared to March 2020.

The Chicago Department of Aviation provides monthly reports to O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission members based on the Airport Noise Management System (ANMS). The ANMS is a comprehensive system designed to provide actual measurement of the aircraft noise levels in Chicago neighborhoods and suburban communities near O’Hare Airport.

The ANMS integrated system includes many components including a network of 32 permanent noise monitors that measure the noise environment. The system directly connects to the FAA’s air traffic control radar that collects aircraft flight tracks. More than 5 million data points are recorded and stored by the system each day.

At the direction of the ONCC, the ANMS and report compilation methodology were independently verified by an aircraft noise expert.

Installed in 1996, the Airport Noise Management System (ANMS) records noise events that are summarized by month in four categories: Runway Use, Aircraft Noise, Aircraft Fleet Mix, and Noise Complaints.

Data from Permanent Noise Monitors and/or Long-term Portable Monitors does not determine eligibility for residential or school sound insulation.

The Chicago Department of Aviation and ONCC use ANMS data to facilitate development and management of noise mitigation programs at O’Hare.

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