The O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC) encourages O’Hare communities to adopt building codes that are designed to make homes and commercial locations quieter. There is concern that communities could be permitting new construction without proper sound insulation in areas that currently have little impact from aircraft noise, but could see increased noise in the future.

ONCC is especially interested in making sure that communities around O’Hare are addressing noise issues in advance of the changing aircraft departure and landing patterns that will result from the O’Hare Modernization Program.

Homes eligible for sound insulation have been designated by the FAA and according to their guidelines, new construction, remodeling and home additions cannot be part of the program.

ONCC drafted a Model Sound Insulation Ordinance and the Village of Arlington Heights also adopted a sound insulation building code for new construction.

The Chicago Department of Aviation offers a 36-page homeowner’s handbook (PDF) for anyone who would like to better sound insulate their homes. The handbook explains in detail ways to effectively sound insulate a home.