The Federal Aviation Administration has awarded more than $2.2 million in Vision 100-Century of Aviation grants to underwrite land-use planning in four member municipalities of the O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission. Each municipality contributed a required 20% in matching funds.

The FAA grant supports comprehensive land-use plans that study economic and market trends, create economic development goals, review infrastructure needs and suggest transportation and transit options.

The first ONCC member to receive a land-use grant was Des Plaines in 2006 for $750,000; followed by Harwood Heights in 2008 for $320,000; Wood Dale in 2009 for $179,225, and Bensenville in 2009 for $1 million.

For more information about FAA land-use grants, contact ONCC Executive Director at 773-686-3198.

Bensenville Initiates Comprehensive Land-Use Plans

Wood Dale Receives FAA Land Use Grant

Harwood Heights Receives $320,000 FAA Land Use Grant

ONCC Member Des Plaines Secures $750,000 FAA Land Use Grant